lyrics and more - we are currently performing most of these songs (plus some instrumentals, natch). Follow the link for lyrics and for a way to get a printable text file of the lyrics. The midi files are almost never the arrangement that we play; we just thought a reference would be cool.

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The lyrics in the pages below are either drawn from sources on the net and edited to reflect the lyrics and arrangement we use, or developed by us specifically to reflect our arrangements. If we are stepping on someone's intellectual property rights - let us know, and we will yank the problem files.

Midi Credits
We know that Barry Taylor, Lesley Nelson, and Don Carroll sequenced many of the midi files below. I'm sure that there are files sequenced by others as well. Please request a listing if you recognize your file and need credits; most of the files were gathered over time without full credit documentation.

These are the tunes we either are currently playing or have worked up in the past.

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All for Me Grog I spent all me tin on the lassies drinkin' gin.
Atholl Highlanders   Run for it ma - them boys in skirts are a-comin'!
Biddy Mulligan I'm a fine buxom widder I live in the street
Blood on the Saddle   Buy that cowboy a drink - or you might end up in an EC comic
Bohemian Reel     As fine and crisp as Pilsner Urquell
The Boston Burglar     I was born and bred in Boston, a town you all Noel
Boulavogue   Oh Father Murphy had aid come o'er the green flag floated from shore to shore
Bounced Czech     I landed at the Comet in the crater we have dug
The Boxer   Now he works at a desk by the docks
Carrickfergus   I wish i was at Carrickfergus
Co Jste Hasici   Firemens what did you do?
Come Back Paddy Reilly   to Bally James Duff
Connaughtsman's Fambles     don't forget the tripe, or the scoter
Danny Boy   Come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Denis Murphy's   a fine and jolly place
Dicey Riley   Oh the heart of the rowl is Dicey Riley
Dirty Old Town   Kissed my girl by the bathroom wall
Drunken Sailor   make him shave with a rusty razor
Fiddler's Green   where the beer it is free and there's bottles of rum growing from every tree
The Foggy Dew   Britannia's Huns and their long-range guns
Four Green Fields   What did I have swaid the fine old woman
French-Canadian Waltzes     La Valse des Juenes Filles et La Valse des Jouets
The Gallowglass No, not the parting glass
The Galway Races   On the seventeenth of August my mind was elevated
Greensleeves   Alas my love you do me wrong to cast me off so discourteously
Happier Boy     I must admit - I'm a Happier Boy
Henry Lee     Get down get down little Henry Lee and stay all night with me
Henry my Son Where did you sleep last night
The Humor is on me Now     A farmer and his daughter I spied along the way
I'll Tell me Ma She is handsome she is pretty - she is the belle of he Emerald City
Irene (Goodnight)   Stop your ramblin', stop your gamblin', stop your stayin' out late at night
Jesse James   He had a heart a hand and a brain
Joe Hill   I dreamt I saw Joe Hill last night
The Jolly Beggarman   he came trippin' o'er the plain
Julia Delany   She and Denis Murphy sometimes hang out
The Kid on the Mountain   a wee, spry goat midst the bosom of the hills
The Lakes of the Poncho Train   Los Angeles, Louisiana, cowboys, po' boys, Cree, Creole - it's all so confusing!
The Lark in the Morning   with the dew all on her breast
The Lifeboat Mona     see, the lifeboat put out from the port at 2 am and everybody died trying to save another boat.
McAlpine's Fusileers     Don't work for this man (for some reason it's hard to find this song on the net)
Mairie's Wedding   Karel loves this song
Me Gusta Vivir de Noche     soy tequilero
Monto   she's eightteen stone
Muirsheen Durkin no more I'll dig the praties
Music for a Found Harmonium cool
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore   well, that says it all, really
Raggle Taggle Gypsies one sang high and the other sang so shrill
Rakes of Kildare   look out for em
Ride On I could never go with you no matter how I wanted to
Rising of the Moon   the pikes must be together
Roddy McCorley never a tear in his blue eyes
Roly Poly   eatin corn and taters
Scarce O' Taties     or maybe not
Sheebeg and Sheemore   lyrical, yet without lyrics
Spancil Hill   last night as i lay dreaming of pleasant times gone by
The Spanish Lady as i went down through Dublin City at the hour of twelve at night
Three Jigs   one, two, three
The Town I Loved so Well now the army's in charge by that gasyard wall
Whiskey in the Jar as i was going over they killed kenny mountain
The Wild Rover   no nay never no nay never no more
Wildwod Flower   I will sing and I will dance and my laughter will be gay
Will Ye Come to the Bower   o'er the free boundless ocean

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