Bounced Czech

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Intro:  F Eb Bb x3 - F Eb C
verse:  F Bb F Dm - F C7 F 
  		F Bb F Dm - F C7 Bb F 
ch:   	F Dm Bb - F C7 
  		F Bb F - F C7 F     

When the copper pulled me over / I was doing twenty-five
When he began to search the car / I envisioned five to ten
So when he found that baggie fulla / ditchweed all a-stench
I knew that there would be a song / called Bounced Czech

(sing)  o-oh for the bou-ou-nced czech
   for I am going home again
   o-oh  for the bou-ou-nced czech
   and I'll never see the USA again
He put pot in his pocket / and he pressed me for my name
I told him waht it was / as I'd given him my card
He politely told me I could go / and to watch upon the mail
and so I headed back downtown / my mind become my jail


 verse-chorus instrumental break, Karel

I landed at the Comet / in the crater we have dug
and had a beer and slouched and thought / and had another beer
my dad will throw me over / he's really had it son
so it's back to my / land of birth I'm go-o-ing

 chorus-verse instrumental break, Greg to everybody?

(vox solo, slowing pace) and I'll never see the USA again

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