Blood on the Saddle

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C C7 F C D7 G7
C C7 F C G7 C

There's blood on the saddle and blood on the ground
and a great big puddle of blood on the ground
a cowboy lay in it all covered with gore
and he never will ride that bronco no more

was the end of the summer and a bloody hot day
as i rode closer to him big buzzards hopped away
i saw at the start the old bugger was dead 
the buzzards had pecked out the eyes from his head

his shirt was torn off by the coyotes and birds
and there was maggots swarmin round where his belly had burst
i got off my horse for beside him to kneel
i shuddered at the stink and i retched up my meal

round his neck wasa satchel all covered in guts
and inside that satchel was thirty two bucks
with my pockets full of dollars i rode back to town
and imagined i was followed by that basterd i'd found

as i got to the tavern i started to think
if he follows me in here i'll buy him a drink
there was shit sperm and bile and blood on the ground
and a bloody big puddle f blood all around

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