Galway Races

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C Am - F G C 
C G Am Em
Am F Em Am
C G Am

As I rode down to Galway town to seek for recreation 
On the seventeenth of August me mind being elevated 
There were multitudes assembled with their tickets at the station 
Me eyes began to dazzle and I'm goin' to see the races. 

 With the whack-fa-the-da-for-the-diddle-ee-idle-day.

There were passengers from Limerick and passengers from Nenagh 
And passengers from Dublin and sportsmen from Tipperary 
There were passengers from Kerry, and all quarters of our nation 
And our member, Mr. Hearst, for to join the Galway Blazers. 

There were multitudes from Aran, and members from New Quay Shore 
Boys from Connemara and the Claire unmarried maidens 
There were people from Cork city who were loyal, true and faithful; 
Who brought home the Fenian prisoners from diverse foreign nations. 

It's there you'll see confectioners with sugarsticks and dainties 
The lozenges and oranges, the lemonade and raisins! 
The gingerbread and spices to accomodate the ladies 
And a big crubeen for thruppence to be pickin' while you're able. 

It's there you'll see the gamblers, the thimbles and the garters 
And the spotting Wheel of Fortune with the four and twenty quarters 
There was others without scruple pelting wattles at poor Maggy 
And her father well-contented and he lookin' at his daughter. 

It's there you'll see the pipers and the fiddlers competing 
The nimble footed dancers a-tripping over the daisies 
There were others crying cigars and lights and bills for all the races 
With the colors of the jockeys and the prize and horses' ages. 

It's there you'll see the jockeys and they're mounted out so stately 
The pink, the blue, the orange, and green, the emblem of our nation 
When the bell was rung for starting, all the horses seemed impatient 
I thought they never stood on ground their speed was so amazing. 

There was half a million people there from all denominations 
The Catholic, the Protestant, the Jew, and Presbyterian 
There was yet no animosity, no matter what persuasion 
But "failte" and hospitality inducin' fresh acquaintance.

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