Henry Lee

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G  C  G  D  G  --  C  D  G
C  G  C  G  C  --  G  D  D

    G         C            G                       D          G
Get down, get down, little Henry Lee, and stay all night with me.
              C         G                       D        G
The very best lodgings I can afford will be fare better'n thee.
  C                     G                   C                   G
I can't get down, and I won't get down, and stay all night with thee,
        C                   G                            D        G
For the girl I have in that merry green land, I love far better'n thee.

She leaned herself against a fence, just for a kiss or two;
With a little pen-knife held in her hand, she plugged him through and through.
Come all you ladies in the town, a secret for me keep,
With a diamond ring held on my hand I'll never will forsake.


Some take him by his lily-white hand, some take him by his feet.
We'll throw him in this deep, deep well, more than one hundred feet.
Lie there, lie there, loving Henry Lee, till the flesh drops from your bones.
The girl you have in that merry green land still waits for your return.

Fly down, fly down, you little bird, and alight on my right knee.
Your cage will be of purest gold, in deed of property.
I can't fly down, or I won't fly down, and alight on your right knee.
A girl would murder her own true love would kill a little bird like me.

If I had my bend and bow, my arrow and my string,
I'd pierce a dart so nigh your heart your wobble would be in vain.
If you had your bend and bow, your arrow and your string,
I'd fly away to the merry green land and tell what I have seen.

Get down, get down, little Henry Lee, and stay all night with me.

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