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Where do you get all your songs? midis? and so forth. LOTS of cool stuff out there. Yep, someday this internet thing's gonna be HUGE.
Ceolas   Ceolas Celtic archive. One of the oldest sites on this topic on the net. Pretty comprehensive coverage of Celtic music and traditional culture; songs, chords, abc files, you name it.
Geoff Grainger's Folk and Recorder Music   Lots of well-organized material here, with many interesting pieces from other traditions as well.
The Contemplator   Very comprehensive site for history and midis of the tunes including an excellent introduction to the Child ballads   I'm not sure if this is a personal site, or a public site that lots of people contribute to. It's very comprehensive. Somewhat undernourished since the music industry warmed up for the Napster murder on this site, they still provide links to search engines hosted outside the reach of the evil big companies and Lars Ulrich. Where to go if you gotta take a crack at a tune you loved as a kid.
The Mudcat Cafe   Home of the Digital Tradition database, a fantastic place to look for tunes belonging to North American traditions in a variety of formats.
The Mandolin Cafe   I know that I couldna learned how to play my axe without this place. Everything mandolin. Cool software. Tabs. Lessons. Man. What a site. -
the Electric Mandolin Resource Page
  Mr. Mando maintains this site, by far the most comprehensive resource on electric mandolins on the net. I'm proud to say I named and helped secure the domain.

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