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Pugilism in the (US) Civil War
  An informative article on the manner in which the sport was practiced at the time of the Civil War.
Seconds Out
  A sports news site devoted to boxing.
Hickock Sports Boxing Hall of Fame
  A site devoted to the history of the sport.
John L. Sullivan Championship Belt - Buy it here!
  Amazingly enough, you can buy a replica of the belt presented to the Boston Strong Boy on July 4, 1887. Without this fella, we'd a hadda diffrent name!
Antique Australian Bare Knuckle Bout poster
  Photograph of a drawing advertising a fight to be held between Paddy Sinclair, the Enfield General, and William Sparkes, alias Johnny Heki. Article accompanies with details about the context of the artifact.
Remembering the Swaffham Gypsy
  Restoration slated to begin in Norfolk on the grave of Jem Mace, the "Father of Modern Boxing".
International Boxing Hall of Fame Bibliography
  Books on Boxing. See the Hall's main site as well at . Don't miss the "Enshrinee Information"!

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