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folks we like, would like to play with, or have played with from the NW
Jason Webley   Jason Webley Master of the Accordian Howlers. Pleases trained monkeys for a living. Travels. Writes good songs. We miss him. He may be back among us.
The Turn-Ons   Feel the sweet luv, baby. Who needs teevee when I have my Turn-Ons? Excellent, hooky '72 stylie proto-glam. If you like T-Rex, early seventies Bowie, Big Star, and so forth, you'll find these folks nutritious and satisfying.
Dark Molly   The Celtic-rock band Molly plays music by the Pogues, the Oyster Band as well as progressive traditional arrangements. Sweet sound, a shade smoother than ours.
Mad Pudding   Vancouver-based vets knocked 'em dead at Folklife 2000 - strong song structure and rippin' accordian fire produce tasty "Celtic Funk Stew".
Clumsy Lovers   We wanna steal their tagline - "Celt Grass Rockers" - but wanna gig with them moreso. Also Vancouver based.
Barking Monkey   Seattle-based band mating Celtic with progressive rock.
St. Bushmill's Choir   We've known people in their lineup for years. Similar in size, but distinct in sound from us, they lean to punk rock. They are great, but only play a few times a year.
The Real McKenzies   Vancouver, BC-based Celtic punk band. The bio is hilarious. The band will rock your brains out.
Lucy Lunchmouth   Smoky barroom torch songs

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