Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore

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Oh fare-thee-well, Ireland, my own dear native land
It breaks my heart to see friends part, for it's then that the teardrops fall;
I'm on my way to Amerikay, will I e'er see my home once more?
For now I leave my own true love on Paddy's green shamrock shore.

Our ship she lies at anchor, she's standing by the quay
May fortune bright shine down each night, as we sail over the sea
Many ships were lost, many lives it cost on the journey that lies before
With a tear in my eye I'm bidding good-bye to Paddy's Green shamrock shore.

So fare thee well my own true love, I'll think of you night and day
And a place in my mind you surely will find, although I am so far away
Though I'll be alone far away from my home, I'll think of the good
     times once more,
Until the day I can make my way back to Paddy's green shamrock shore.

And now the ship is on the waves may heaven protect us all
With the wind in the sail we surely can't fail on this voyage to Baltimore
But my parents and friends did wait till the end, till I could see them no more
I then took a chance for to glance at Paddy's  green shamrock shore.

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