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Rythym mandolin, backing vocals

Mike had no idea how to play the mandolin when Odin called him asking to play with the Boxers. When he informed Odin of this, Odin assured Mike that no-one else in the band knew what they were doing either. This pleased Mike, and he immediately agreed.

There are those who might point out that Mike still knows nothing of how to play the mandolin. Mike would be the first to agree with them. He brings a strong interest in American traditional music to the band, which manifests in the vocal harmonies he, Karl, and Odin execute, and in his playing style, which might be described as what you would hear if a rock bassist took up mandolin and clumsily imitated bluegrass rythym playing in the context of irish songs.

He played bass in Bloomington, Indiana's mighty Modock before adjourning to Seattle, where he played with Fat Mona and others.

His day job is making the Internet into a sustainable resource for his wallet. Although a diplomat, he has an attitude problem.

Mike Whybark

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