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Karl started life as a single cell, derived from the union of two human genetic carrier entities. He went to the party in his father, and come home in his mother. Given nourishment, the single cell divided many times, until the balloon holding the rapidly growing Karl became to small, and he made his escape into the world.

He thought the Beatles were cool, so he learned to play guitar.

He mostly amused himself with the instrument until the early 90's, when he fell into an assembly of musicians that called themselves "The Velvet Clams" {note: Karl had little to do with the name. He was just sick of arguing over what the name should be. ed.} The Clams played two gigs at the drummers party house, and broke up.

Things improved when after much effort, he formed a BAND - only one of the 2000 other bands in Seattle. Nirvana was HOT, grunge was king. The "Thrill Junkies" existed for 4 years off and on, in several incarnations. Electric, acoustic, jazz (sic), with and without drummers, bass players, and fans. And then disbanded.

After the demise of the Thrill Junkies, Karl laid back for a while. Being in a band can be a strenuous task, and he was just not up to getting all that started again. He did play a short stint in a band called "the Manics". After six months, the Manics hadn't played a show, didn't have a set of complete songs and he parted ways. Then came the Bare Knuckle Boxers. 80% of life is just showing up which is is how he came to join the band. The Boxers had been without a bass player for some time, and Odin asked Karl to come down and sit in on bass. One appearance led to an invite to a second practice, and a third and a fourth.... Whereupon they asked him to stick around. So he has.

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