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Percussion, Bodhran, cheer

Chelle (short for Michelle) was born to a dance teacher in Centralia, Washington. From the first moment she had the beat in her blood. Her first onstage performance was a hula-dance at the age of two.

She was schooled in several dance styles throughout her school years including jazz, ballet, and especially tap, which she excelled in. She danced at the SouthWest Washington State Fair in Chehalis for sixteen consecutive years and was once named "The fastest feet in SW Washington".

Later in life after, Chelle found herself amongst the beginnings of the band. One day she picked up some drumsticks and found the drums to be quite natural for her to play. At this time the band was looking for a drummer and was using a friend, Will Hallauer to fill in at the time. Inspired by Chelle's newfound talent Will agreed to teach Chelle techniques and styles. Within one month after sitting behind the drum kit for the first time Chelle played the kit onstage. It was St. Paddy's Day 1999. About a month after that Chelle was on her own without Will. Everyone has been amazed at the speed at which she has constantly improved. (Except maybe her mother.)

Chelle likes the Power Puff Girls, quesadillas, and her favorite color is "clear".

Chelle Bettinger

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