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BKB at the Owl and Thistle January 25, 2002. Our debut appearance at the Owl and Thistle, and Birnie's first show with the band.
an Arboretum visit August 11, 2001. BKB goes to the park. This was totally fun!
Kincora's July 3, 2001. A hot and sweaty night at Kincora's! Some of the Pope's Nose opened up for us!
Art Car Expo June 16, 2001. the Blue Mosey puts in an appearance at the Fremont Fair.
the Comet June 1, 2001. Performance, one of the flyers, and a shoot for the flyer
Fado May 10, 2001
Washington State History Museum April, 2001. Exhibits on the life of Ralph Chapman, a Wobbly turned rabid anti-communist after a long prison spell, and Woody Guthrie's life, featuring guitars, mandolins, lyrics, and drawings. COOL!
BKB at Central, March 17, 2001 Bare Knuckle Boxers make St. Patricks Day pretty lively at the Central!
BKB at Kincora's, March 16, 2001 Bare Knuckle Boxers warm up the crowd at Kincora's, St. Paddy's Eve, 2001
October, 2000 Chehalis Oktoberfest Bare Knuckle Boxers at Oktoberfest in Chehalis/Centralia October 6 and 7, 2000
March 17, 2000 - Kincora's and Graceland Kincora's in the tent, and at Graceland with Kultur Shock
February 2000 - Ballard Firehouse Great stage, great sound, but not all of us love the place.
December 20, 1999 - Jason Webley CD release Fun show, Jason amazed everyone who was there.
October 30, 1999 - Halloween party We won best costume! We were a band that had an accident coming back from band camp.
March 18, 1999 - Zak's 5th Ave A warm evening! the Downs Family ripped it up with us as did Ward A.
March 17, 1999 - Hamburger Mary's Our first St. Paddy's show, with the ever great Capitol Hillbillies.
August 2, 1998 - outdoors in West Seattle The first show we ever played. The neighbor came by and threatened to take care of us "the Idaho way" after like, two songs. Our arrangement of Ride On was born at this show.

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